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QRpedia projects in Hungary, GLAM ZOO and Vácrátót Botanical Garden

May was a special month in the life of Wikimédia Magyarország as both of our first ever QR-projects, one about the fauna, the other about the flora in general had their official “opening ceremony” on 1 & 23 May respectively.

Miskolc ZOO
After contacting the local zoo and receiving a positive reply, one of the most active group of editors outside of Budapest, in Miskolc began to organize their first ever QR-project within their own Wikiproject group. They met with the management of Miskolc Zoo in September 2013 and agreed on starting the project, what they divided into two phases; first the preparation and second the completion&maintenance. After receiving the approval from the general manager, the members of Wikiproject Miskolc created a GLAM-ZOO project page on Wikipedia where they collected and coordinated all the efforts plus saved all the milestones they reached on their way. They received the list of species that can be found in the zoo at the end of September. During phase 1, a total of 36 new articles were created and 80 got improved, mostly significantly, while the remaining 16 needed no or minor edits only. This phase ended on 26 December, when all 132 links turned blue and were reviewed by the team.
The zoo also joined editing under a single username. In phase two they reviewed all articles cleaning up all the mistakes and/or confusions that might have remained in some of them.

See also: QRpedia projects in Hungary, GLAM Newsletter May 2014.


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